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Leading the Change with Branded Merchandise

An exciting task for us, but what could be a daunting task for our clients, is rebranding.

Volkswagen Canada began its rebrand in early 2020, which came with a new logo and emphasis on leading change to create a better, more sustainable future. But introducing a new logo along with a message of environmental consciousness created an obstacle that McCabe helped VW Canada overcome; what do we do with all the merchandise featuring an outdated logo to ensure it doesn’t become unnecessary waste?

The VW Team came up with a multi-layered program that began with VW dealerships across the country – we asked them to send us their old-logo merchandise in exchange for new merchandise. This step resulted in two things; McCabe collected items that would be used for the next layer of the program, and dealerships were given merchandise that aligned with VW Canada’s new image to help launch the rebrand.

The next step was to decide what should be done with the returned swag, which was mostly apparel. We wanted to repurpose the t-shirts and jackets into something that would be cherished and kept for years to come. We settled on a timeless item that tells the story of VW Canada’s new image while embracing their old – a quilt!

We worked with a local textile artist to design three unique quilts, but had to decide what to do with them. This was the last layer to the program where we really wanted to emphasize how VW Canada is leading the change with the way they think of and use their merchandise. These were pieces with a story of doing good for the greater.

McCabe and VW Canada worked together to find different homes for each quilt – two would be given to Volkswagen, one of them serving as a prize for a participant of their team’s Sporting Life 10K with proceeds donated to Camp Ooch, a charity that brings joy and laughter to kids and families affected by childhood cancer.

The final quilt is being raffled off through the Volkswagen Collection, which is powered by the VW Team at McCabe. The raffle is only for dealerships, so we can ensure the quilt remains within the Volkswagen community that helped create it. Every time a dealer purchases a recycled cotton tote carried on the VW Collection website, they are entered into a raffle to win the quilt. The proceeds for this raffle will also be donated to Camp Ooch – the cherry on top of a program designed with sustainability and community in mind.

We are here to support our clients in using branded merchandise to tell their story, and these quilts tell the story of where Volkswagen Canada’s image is going – towards a more sustainable, impactful, and inclusive future.


McCabe is committed to reducing waste wherever possible! If you are considering rebranding, but have existing branded merchandise you don't want to be wasted, reach out to learn how we can help.


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