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Force for Good

Being B Corp Certified, we know that we can use our business as a force for good and are leading by example through a number of new initiatives.

Being involved with the communities we serve and giving back has always been an important aspect of the McCabe ethos, but after a year of upheaval and massive financial tolls on small businesses, we’ve made it our mission to uplift our diverse supplier base even more in 2021.

“By closely working with our clients to further their purpose-driven initiatives and causes, we are able to amplify their impact and voices in a time when uncertainty hangs a cloud over many small businesses,” Jamie McCabe, President of McCabe Promotional.

We are focusing our 2021 efforts on a number of social issues where we feel we can have the most impact, particularly in helping to extend the reach of our clients’ purpose-driven initiatives. To help further this effort, we are proud to announce that we recently became a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) to help support and promote diverse businesses.

CCAB is a member based organization aimed at fostering business relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses and communities to foster an equitable and sustainable economy across Canada.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting local suppliers, diversifying our supply chain, and ensuring that environmentally-conscious products are available to our clients. To that end, we are continuously growing our internal database of sustainable products, called the Impact Collection, with each piece featured in the collection having been assessed using a questionnaire that evaluates the product’s entire lifecycle.

“This conscious effort from McCabe to support more local organizations, especially those that are diverse-owned and operated, demonstrates their commitment to sharing our stories and helping create a more sustainable future,” Kathy Cheng, President of Redwood Classics Apparel and one of McCabe’s Supplier Partners

The Impact Collection also helps our clients have access to products that are not only good for their brand, but good for the environment. “We understand the unique story of each of our clients, and we use our expertise to help them tell it with products that are creative, useful, and sustainable,” says Natalie Kervin, Business Development Coordinator.


We're always looking to grow our supplier network and forge meaningful relationships with our partners. If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please reach out to us here.


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