Marigold Collecton - Promotional Product that Give Back.

Giving back, no matter how small, is part of who we are. We believe in the little things and know that enough of them makes a big difference. 

Marigold Collection is our collective force for good. We have curated a collection of promotional products that we are committed to donating 3% of the proceeds from pre-selected Canadian charities. Browse the collection and learn more about the charities we support at

In addition to Marigold Collection, we have created internal programs to inspire and encourage our team to support give back initiatives in their own communities. The Marigold Grant Program allows team members to request funds be donated to charities and initiatives that are of great personal significance. Through our continuing education program, McCabe University, team members are encouraged to volunteer their time to charities and causes, as well.

We hope that through initiatives like these, we can inspire others to find their own ways of giving back, no matter how small.